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Nike: The Goddess of Victory

Originally named Blue Ribbon Sports when founded in 1964, the fast growing U.S. based footwear distributor formed by Bill Bowerman and Phil Knight had the name changed after the winged goddess of victory in the ancient Greek mythology, “Nike” in 1971.

The new name supports the company’s vision perfectly as Nike has continued the co-founders’ vision to keep on pushing human’s potential in sports through innovations and product developments that elevate the ability of athletes to the next level.

Fast forward to today, Nike is well-known as an inspiring, innovative, and fashionable sport apparels and equipment brand. Its catchy slogan “Just Do It” and the Nike “Swoosh” logo are among the most successful branding programs of all time.

Nike Bestsellers

Nike has been forever popular for its inventive sport shoes, but thanks to the activewear trend of late, Nike has stepped into the world of fashion and introduced us to the fashion forward sportswear that wonderfully combines technology and great style all in one.

Below are the examples of two Nike’s shoe technologies that are famous for their ongoing bestselling models:

● Nike Air Max: This is the first Nike with the Visible Air technology using a large air cushioning unit at the heel which is displayed on the side of the midsole. All models under this range are growing their popularity among those athletes and activewear lovers.

● Nike Free Run: Nike Free technology aims to create the feeling of running freely barefoot, which is the training technique widely used among the African Olympic track athletes. The shoes provide less constriction and allow foot muscles to quickly gain strength. Nike Free Run 5.0 and Nike Free Run 4.0 Flyknit are the best selling running shoes range, much loved for their high technology and trendy style.

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